Message from the Head Teacher       

Welcome to our school website. We feel sure you will get to see a flavour of our school and its friendly atmosphere. The education that the children receive at Sacred Heart has Gospel Values at its very core. We are a school where prayer and worship is valued alongside our belief in lifelong learning. Our teachers are enthusiastic and strive to encourage a love of learning in the pupils. We have a broad curriculum where a wide range of teaching styles are used to ensure that every child’s need are catered for.

We are an inclusive school and believe that all children need to be nurtured and encouraged in order to achieve their full potential, regardless of their academic starting point.

We understand that children’s happiness and sense of security are crucial to the success of these early stages of schooling. We feel that if the parents are able to enjoy the benefits of the school, the children will settle in more quickly and soon feel a sense of belonging. We share with parents the expectation that their children will receive the very best education.

It is, therefore, very important that you have the information you need to develop understanding and knowledge of the school. We hope this website goes some way towards providing this.

The staff, children and Governors of Sacred Heart School are proud of its unique atmosphere and all that we achieve.

Valerie Rose



School Mission Statement:

Guided by truth, respect and compassion; we share in building upon every individual’s foundation, nurturing a love of learning in preparation for tomorrow’s society, with Jesus at the heart of all we do.