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  • Lena and Olivia investigate heart rate.

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    We conducted an experiment to measure the effects of exercise on heart-rate. For this experiment, we both ran on the spot for 60 seconds and took a measurement of our heart rate both before and after the exercise.

    Before we did the experiment, we predicted that are heart rate would increase. Olivia thought her heart-rate would go up to 135 beats per minutes. Lena thought that her heart-rate would go up to 125.

    •First, we put our watches that measured our heart-rates on.
    •Then, we sat down for five minutes to get our heart-rate down. We made sure that we had a resting heart-rate. 
    •Next, we run on the spot for 60 seconds. We ran as fast as we could, ensuring that we did lots of exercise.
    •After we did that, we measured a heart-rate with our watches.

    At the beginning, Lena’s heart-rate was 74 beats per minutes . However, Olivia’s was 99. After we have done our exercise, Lena’s heart-rate was 108 beats per minute and Olivia‘s heart rate was 115 bpm.

    In conclusion, our heart-rate increased after we had done our exercise. We discovered that the effects of exercise on heart-rate was that exercise made our heart-rate increase.

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