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  • RE learning

    Easter and Easter activities


    Easter is the most important season of the Church's Liturgical year. It runs all the way until Pentecost!


    For Easter craft activities, why not try some of the activities below. Don't forget to take some pictures and share on our Twitter page @SacredHeartNM.

    Easter crafts:

    Easter online puzzles:

    Easter online jigsaws:

    May is the Month of Mary


    During May, we show a special devotion to Mary, our mother. Mary was with Jesus during his journey on earth from the beginning to the end. The Church very specially remembers Mary in May. Below you will find different activities to honour Mary during the month of May. Don’t forget to send any photos or videos to our Twitter page!


    Can you think of the different names that we call Mary? (Our mother, blessed Mother,  Queen of Heaven…)

    Look at the following artwork and images of Mary. Which is your favourite? Why? What signs and symbols can you see? Why are they there?

    Can you create your own piece of artwork to represent and honour Mary? You can use paints, pencils, crayons or ICT. 

    Can you explain what your image of Mary shows and why you have drawn what you have?


    Can you beautifully write out the Hail Mary prayer and decorate it?

    Can you make up actions for the Hail Mary prayer and get an adult to video you?