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  • Curriculum

    Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School – Curriculum Intent

    We strive to nurture a love of learning through excellence in learning, pastoral care and faith formation.




    Our curriculum:

    • Fosters a sense of awe and wonder so that learners are engaged and enthused
    • Empowers pupils to confidently articulate their faith and beliefs;
    • Promotes fundamental British Values and encourages respect for everyone, embracing and celebrating all backgrounds and differences;
    • Sets high expectations for all pupils so that no child is left behind;
    • Encourages pupils to have faith in themselves and develop a growth mindset. So that they become inquisitive and resilient learners.

    Our curriculum:

    • Allows pupils to challenge themselves and each other;
    • Encourages pupils to be critical thinkers who work collaboratively to solve problems and evaluate effectively enabling them to make informed decisions and choices;
    • Is continually developed through research, effective CPD and reflective dialogue and practice;
    • Provides opportunities for pupils to have a voice so they can communicate effectively and articulate their ideas and views in preparation for tomorrow’s society.

    Our curriculum:

    • Promotes self-motivation and ownership for life-long learning;
    • Teaches us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to love and forgive others;
    • Allows opportunities to serve others so pupils develop a sense of citizenship, community, empathy and service;
    • Provides all children with the opportunity to express themselves through different mediums;
    • Aims to develop physical and mental health where we love and celebrate our talents and gifts.

    Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School – Curriculum Implementation

    We strive to nurture a love of learning through excellence in learning, pastoral care and faith formation.

    We follow the national curriculum statutory requirements as the basis for our long term and medium term planning. Each subject has a curriculum map which shows not only the knowledge and skills but how these are built upon each year.

    Where possible, cross-curricular links are made to deepen the learning experience so that pupils ‘learn more, know more, remember more’ (Ofsted, 2019).

    Staff have developed a ‘Tip Top Teaching’ approach to enable excellent teaching and learning. As a result, lessons are engaging and tailored and adapted to suit the needs of every child. A robust cycle of training, coaching and mentoring is used to strengthen the skills and subject knowledge or teachers, support staff and leaders. Where appropriate, specialist teachers are used to deliver lessons such as PE, music and Spanish.

    Special curriculum days and weeks such as Book Week, Language Day, Black History Week, pantomimes etc. are spread throughout the year to enhance the curriculum as well as expanding the children’s cultural capital.

    Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School – Curriculum Impact

    We strive to nurture a love of learning through excellence in learning, pastoral care and faith formation.

    Impact of our curriculum is matures through qualitative and quantitative data.

    Teachers use assessment for learning strategies to evaluate, adjust and maximise the impact on pupil outcomes.

    Attainment and progress in house as well as statutory data is monitored closely by the curriculum and subject leads. Termly progress meetings identify pupils who need additional support. These are also used strategically to identify future CPD.

    Qualitative data in the form of pupil voice or from pupil, parent and staff surveys are also used to measure impact.

    These regular monitoring cycles for leaders as all levels as well as external validation such as our MEP help to triangulate the impact and are used to measure impact and adapt and refine our provision through strategic planning.