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  • Music Captains

    Our wonderful Music Captains


    The role of a Music Captain is:


    • To actively lead, support and encourage all aspects of music through the school.
    • To be a role model for others
    • To serve the school and the community
    • To support Mrs Morgan with musical events, leading singing actions
    • To work as a team to lead and execute tasks as chosen by Mrs Morgan and ourselves


    Our tasks include:


    • Setting up music for singing assemblies and Masses
    • Preparing actions to songs to lead the school
    • Keeping the music room organised
    • Choose and lead actions for songs/hymns
    • Create musical tasks/challenges for the school to enjoy


    ‘I am proud to be a music captain because all my life I've loved music and now I've been chosen to help spread the joy of music and especially in these times, music can help lift our spirits.


    'Music fills me with joy.'


    'I love to share my passion for music with others.'


    ‘ Throughout my life I have loved music and singing. Music changes my life – when I am upset, music cheers me up. I find music so powerful and I am totally drawn to how talented some people can be. I now have the opportunity to be a Music Captain so I want to live up to that name and be proud to call myself a Music Captain!’


    ‘I am proud to be a music captain because there is something special about music that warms my heart.’

    Blue Peter Music Badge


    Have you applied for your Blue Peter Music Badge? If not, you should and here's why...


    The Music badge is part of a company called BBC and is one of the badges from the collection of Blue Peter badges. It is designed by the one and only Ed Sheeran who designed this to inspire people to give music a go. It is the best badge there is and I recommend that you apply for one! They are free and all you need to do is print off the form, fill it in (with the help of an adult) and post it, with a photo, to the address on the form. 


    There are three main sections it asks you to complete on the form - 

    1. What music you enjoy/play

    2. To find out about music that your family loves and what it means to them

    3. What are your top 3 favourite songs and why


    Easy! Apply for yours today and let's build a Sacred Heart collection to celebrate our love of music.


    You'll feel so proud to wear this! A few children have already received their badges and are so happy! Here's what some had to say...


    'I was really excited to get my Blue Peter Music Badge. All you need to do is download the form and answer a few simple questions and send a photo of you playing a musical instrument; it could even be your voice! You should get one too!'


    Well, I would agree with her. We should all have a shot at this badge. I look forward to seeing your badges in school!


    A big congratulations to those that have already applied for and received their badges!!!