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    E-Safety Update - February 2023


    It has been brought to our attention that a character named 'Huggy Wuggy' is being spoken about in the playground. The character can be easily found in a Google search and is a teddy bear with razor sharp teeth that sings worrying songs about hugging and killing. Videos are available on YouTube and TikTok (which are platforms to be used by teenagers and adults). There is no evidence the videos are available on YouTube Kids although the character does crop up in online games aimed at children.  It is a very unpleasant character and because of its name it may be able to infiltrate firewalls and filters. Please be vigilant around what children watch and play online.


    Tips for staying safe online:


    · Make sure you keep new online friends strictly online. If someone you don't know asks to be your online friend you must ensure an adult knows about it.


    - Always be careful when you are using the internet. It can help you to keep in touch with your friends and help your education – but it can also cause harm – to you and to others.


    -  Remember help is always available at school if you are having any problems online.


    - Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher or another adult at school.


    If you or anyone you know is worried about Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet safety please click the links below which will take you to the CEOP reporting website.

    E-Safety School Assemblies

    Online Safety Guides for Parents and Carers